Meet The U.S. Made MAGDUG

  • Integrated Loading Tool
    Integrated loading tool controls & delivers ground material into the reservoir.
  • Heat Protective Pipe
    Custom pipe with washable silicone mouth piece reduces heat transfer to lips.
  • Spring Tentioned Lid
    Spring tentioned lid & rigid gasket to keep contents where they belong.


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MAGDUG Features

  • Design Intent
  • Loading
  • Smoking
Relieving Pain Points
The MAGDUG was created to address the 3 common pain points of the traditional dugout system. Loose lids, tedious loading, and a hot pipe on the user's lips.
Rugged And Discreet
The dugout will travel with the smoker reliably and discreetly anywhere but excels in rugged areas where there will be no expectation or capability of charging a battery.
No Batteries Required
This system can easily serve as a reliable back up to the vaporizer enthusiast should they find their equipment malfunctions. All that is needed is flower and flame to operate this low-cost smoke equipment.
Easy Loading
People no longer have to tolerate tedious loading of the dugout reservoir. There is now no necessity to find a questionable piece of paper from a pocket or elsewhere to MacGyver a funnel, pinch & stuff from a pile or scoop contents off the palm -which degrades the ground up material they intend to consume. The "shovel" provides a smooth & reliable platform to direct ground up material(s) into the reservoir whenever the user chooses.
Built-In Shovel
For true convenience to be achieved the loading tool needed to be unobtrusive & reliable. We shaped & mounted the shovel to conform to traditional styling of the classic dugout frame. The dugout lid is utilized to provide a mounting lock and a cantilever base when being stowed or deployed for loading. Guidance channels have been carved into the dugout body to further assist in the stowing and deploying of the useful tool.
Load Experience
The Shovel shape & size allows for three different types of loading. One can break up material with fingers & drop contents into the reservoir by way of the tool, use a standard twisting herb grinder up to 2.5" in diameter or place a grinder card onto the flat edges of the shovel a rub content back & forth to pour it in with less mess.
Protected Aluminum Pipe
The MAGDUG comes with an aluminum pipe that has a reduction in diameter on one end to accept the included washable food grade silicone mouthpiece. This pipe fits neatly and discreetly within the MAGDUG body and is easily deployed when needed.
Anti-Heat Solution
The silicone helps to protect the lips of the user from considerable heat. This has been a problem since the dugout was originally created and our innovation has put a stop to that. You are now able to smoke continously without risking burns.
Easy Clean Solution
Neatly tucked into the inside of the MAGDUG you will find a pipe pick which will easily clear any obstructions one might encounter after heavy usage.