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Official Launch Of MAGDUG

The MAGDUG is made in the United States of America and was invented by Innovative Adaptations LLC out of Tucson, Arizona in collaboration with Knowvention LLC – a consultancy firm in Mason Ohio.
Research and development of the MAGDUG took a year because we had to get the innovations of tradition just right. We decided to innovate the manufacturing and material selection process because it’s 2017 and we believe technology should be utilized to put forth a better product. Wood, metal & acrylic dugouts have been done for 50 years; time to improve tradition and provide a low-tech reliable and durable dugout system.
There are a few pain points that have not been addressed for half a century with the traditional dugout system. The tedious loading of the reservoir, loose lids opening in pockets & the hot metal pipe on the users lips.
All that has been addressed by the MAGDUG.


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