Month: July 2017

The Design Intent Behind The MAGDUG

The main MAGDUG designer prefers a dugout for his primary consumption system of the MMJ he uses for reducing spasticity which was one of the consequences of a C5-C6 cervical spinal cord injury.  Do not drive tired folks even if you’re leaving a midnight shift and trying to get home; it’s not worth it! After falling asleep at 60 miles an hour and flipping the car four times he began to... 

Durability Test

The MAGDUG is manufactured in the US using the finest materials available. We wanted to show just how durable our product is by conducting a test where we run over and even spin the tires on a MAGDUG with a 8,900+ pound van as seen in the video below. Using a high impact lightweight polymer we were able to achieve unbelievable durability while still keeping each unit extremely lightweight...