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Popular Questions

Popular Questions

Pre-sales Questions

Is the lid waterproof?
The lid will keep water out to about 3 feet but you need to pull it out of there as soon as possible because this is not 100% waterproof.  Accidentally falling in the hot tub will be tolerated by the rigid gasket and spring tension lid.
It’s Plastic! Will it break if I drop it?
Absolutely not! The injection molded polymer is more than simple "plastic" and has been drop & crush tested - To include throwing it 50'-0" into the air with a black top landing & run over on a dirt lot by a 3/4 Ton Ford E250 Cargo Van - Both tests scratched the surface of the MAGDUG core but no structural damage.

General Questions

Why is it hollow underneath?
This dugout is injection molded and that process requires the hollow cavity so that the molten material will cool quick enough for the next cycle in the mold. However this also creates a convenient storage cavity for hemp wick so you do not have to inhale butane.  One may need a rubber band to keep the wick inside the dugout.
Can the silicone mouth piece be cleaned?
Yes! Simply pull it off the pipe end & hand wash with Dawn soap or 420Cleaner.


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